Underrated Moving Tips for Homeowners

Moving Tips Toronto

The Purchase and Closing of a New Home is always an exciting endeavor. As with all adventures, there is a sense of excitement as well as stress. There always seem like an endless list of items and tasks that need to be completed.

Working with several homeowners across Toronto and the GTA, we have seen it all when it comes to moving time. Here are a few useful moving tips that might reduce your workload by little:

  • Smart Packing

Perhaps the most obvious, yet underrated tip : Packing Smart. If you pack all your materials and items well, you should know exactly where everything is. Moving is already a stressful undertaking and having some form of organized method goes a long way. All Packing is done in cardboard boxes and begins with knowing where to find cardboard boxes. Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores and Several thrift stores all carry small and large boxes you can use to pack up your materials.

Another form is packing is by using plastic bags. Using Clear Plastic Bags allows you to transport what you need without wasting time. Clothes, Electronics and other light weight items are recommended for these items. Your everyday material is what you must put into these bags to allow for a simple transition. Things such as wires, computers, monitors, mouse etc are all examples of what can go into these bags. Be sure to know what connection goes where and even take a picture if you have too.

  • Label Everything! 

Labeling is key. When you label boxes, you are a lot more organized and you can organize things in your new house very quickly as well. Be sure to take the following precautions when it comes to labelling:

  1. Apply Labelling on Multiple Sides of Each Box
  2. Box Numbers – Identify which box came from which room
  3. Keep a count on the number of boxes.

Garbage Bin Rentals are the the best thing when it comes to moving. When you are moving out, chances are you need to dispose of some junk. When moving into a new house, chances are you have to dispose of junk. If you order disposal bins at both locations, it will save you plenty of time and hassle in order get rid of all the unwanted junk.

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