What is Clean-Fill?


People looking to rent waste disposal bins may have come across this term call “Clean-Fill”. It is imperative to understand the type of waste you are disposing and off and how it effects the price you pay for the service. While it may not be a priority for you, it is crucial you also consider how your local bin rental company disposes of all the waste (No Illegal Dumping)

Clean Fill Refers to items or waste materials that can be recycled and reused some where else. They can be used as is or may need to be recycled before being re-used again. The term Clean in “Clean-Fill” refers to environmentally clean meaning the debris is non hazardous and not toxic to humans and animals.

Clean Fill Disposal includes aggregates such as brick, soil and dirt, concrete, wood, cement and gravel. These items can be broken down and used again in the creation of different substances. Most Disposal Companies in Toronto charge a lot less for Clean fill because they can be recycled and hence the fees to dispose them are a lot lower than garbage. If you have enough debris, it is worth getting a separate bin in order to create less work for your disposal bin company

Clean fill does not include:

• Organic or biological waste including food or yard waste
• Metals
• Plastics
• Cardboard
• Contaminated soil
• Hazardous household waste such as chemicals, appliances, tires, or electronics

An environmentally responsible practice, this ensures that waste materials are put to good use and do not end up in our landfills. An important aspect of good construction site management is properly disposing of the wide variety of waste materials that such a job site can create. Luckily there are always people looking for clean fill in order to complete projects of their own.

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