Why We Don’t Dispose of Waste Immidiately

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Often guilt plays a large part in why we don’t and won’t let go of many material things in our lives. We just don’t seem to understand why our home is filled with things and looks cluttered even after cleaning. This may probably be connected with our emotions and how we eventually got hold of those items in question.

Here are few tips to manage your de-cluttering guilt.

The Items Symbolize Something
At times, we get hold of items not just because it’s useful or we’re in need of it, there are wishes and dreams tied to them. Getting rid of these items then seems not to be an option. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have your own gallery to display artifacts and old items. This is actually something good and rewarding, but if you think about it carefully, you don’t have to hold onto most these things. Getting rid of them according to preference is a good way to start.

It Costs Me A Whole Lot of Money
Impulse buying usually involves a considerable layout of cash, and you may be feeling guilty about disposing of things you paid good money for. Keeping these things, however, won’t bring the money back. Acceptance will let you move on, and actually allow you to part with these thing without guilt.We try to hold onto most of these items because we poured a lot of cash in getting them. Disposing them of brings the feeling of guilt. But trust me, you’re not wasteful. And one thing is certain, you won’t get your money back by holding on to them. You can even have a part of the money spent in obtaining them by selling. You just have to get rid of these items and part with the guilt.

It Has Sentimental Value

We all cherished memories a lot and it’s one of the reasons we keep items longer than expected. Things are not considered clutter if they have true sentimental value, one or more. But the problem arises when you’re this so called sentimental value as a way out when you should have gotten rid of these items. If you’ve not given these items the proper care and attention it deserves, they are not sentimental as you think. You should really get rid of these items by either donating or selling them, or simply disposed them of into disposal bins.

It Was a Precious Gift
Getting rid of a gift does not imply not valuing the item or not being appreciative enough. If it’s hard on you to dispose it, you can also present it as a gift to someone you cared for. In this way, you’re not truly parting with your valuable item but making use of it in a new way. This helps de-clutter your home and you worry no more about untidy your surrounding looks.


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