How is Wood Recycled and Re-Used?

Recycling Wood Toronto

Sorting through all your junk and disposing off all your items at the correct disposal sites takes time and effort. You would like to be very environmentally friendly and recycle as much as you can, but it is not convenient. Luckily, Toronto is a big city very several different types of waste management companies that can help your business, household, job sites be clear of clutter while being environmentally friendly.

Most of the junk that comes out of your renovation projects and household contains some form of wood. While most people do not realize this, wood is something that be recycled and re-used. While cities do not recycle wood, there are several bin rental companies that sort through the waste and recycle the wood.

Wood disposal in Toronto has been complicated in more recent years thanks to several regulations that have been put by the Ministry of the Environment.

We wont bore you with the exact details but long story short…all wood cannot be recycled. Most of the Man-Made wood (Shelves, Cupboards Etc…) are not preferred by most recycle companies since they are not considered “Clean Wood” . Firewood, Tree Branches, Grass Clippings and Leaves out of an infested area cannot be recycled either. If you have any of these materials, it is recommended you contact your local bin removal company

Wood Removal is one of the most important items we can recycle. The more people that know we can do this, the better for our planet. Less waste in our landfills promises a better future for our future generations. While your city may not choose to recycle wood, you should do all you can to try and preserve and conserve as much wood as possible. The more we recycle, the fewer trees get cut down effecting our everyday environment.  If you’re looking to make a change and are in need of removing, recycling and disposing of any wood from your construction site, yards, households or job sites, please Contact Dump-Squad and let us do all the heavy lifting for you!

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